You dream of immigrating to New Zealand and you are determined to success? Whatever are your reasons, it is essential to be advised on the different aspects of your project, in order to avoid disappointments. New Zealand is an outstanding lifestyle destination! Let us help you achieve your goal by taking care of your immigration process.

our experience

With an experience of almost 10 years, NZ Services offers a personalized support for your immigration plan and work closely with you to achieve positive results. We help you obtaining a new zealand visa.
In 2001, we have personally realised that dream of settling down in New Zealand and have been living for 15 years in Auckland. We fully understand that such expatriation project raises questions, doubts and fears but we never regretted this wonderful adventure.

Because an immigration project must be considered in its totality and not be limited to the single visa, NZ Services provides clients seeking to immigrate to New Zealand, with complete support during the entire process & personalised care on their file.

Immigration adviser services

Since 2009, immigration advice service is strictly regulated. Anyone providing immigration advice must follow a degree course in order to obtain the license of immigration officer. This license is renewable every year after completing an additional training module.

Julie Mariuzzo and Philippe and Ariane Meneut are accredited by the New Zealand government as "Immigration Advisers".

They will support your project and provide you with their experience, their network of partners, and skills in full transparency, serenity, confidence and efficiency.


Our approach

Philippe Meneut - Licence number 201501346  Ariane Meneut - Licence number 201501352  Julie Mariuzzo - Licence number 201900019

Philippe Meneut - Licence number 201501346

Ariane Meneut - Licence number 201501352

Julie Mariuzzo - Licence number 201900019

Our team knows that moving to New Zealand, especially with your family, might be a stressful decision and a time-consuming process. We also understand that the stakes are high and that every family has individual situation. After contacting us, we will discuss your project by skype or by appointement to better understand your situation,  your needs and your concerns.

New Zealand Services provides its clients with clear, updated and realistic immigration advices. In so doing, we will make sure that your process of migration is stress-free, confortable and successful.

We will take care of your immigration process and all the steps concerning your futur settlement in New Zealand. We will consider all the elements of your decision, working with you, step-by-step, from the initial assessment of ability to your settlement in New Zealand.