Learn English in New Zealand !

New Zealand is an exciting place to learn English! Learning English in New Zealand is easy and will prepare you for future study and life in New Zealand and around the world. Many international students enroll in English for Academic Study courses prior to formal academic studies. Special English language courses are available throughout the year. English courses are flexible and you can start at any time to suit your project.



Students can start their courses every Monday, you just need to decide the length of stay. We suggest a minimum of three weeks to be efficient, but of course the longer the students stays, the better his knowledge of the English language will be. During school holidays, you are likely to meet other students speaking your language, however, schools require that only English is spoken in their premises.



Students spend a full academic year enrolled in a New Zealand school or high school or to pursue higher studies. For higher studies, the student needs a sufficient level of English.

We can provide a link to evaluate your current level of English and allow us to estimate if English courses are required prior to integrate a higher education school. We can arrange any type of training: university, technical or professional training.



Host families only speak English and students will not be placed with other students speaking the same language. The host family is therefore the most interesting option as it offers "Total immersion" which is the best way to practice and improve your English. It is also the cheapest option. Host families are carefully selected to meet your requirements and have usually been hosting students for many years. We have access to a network of 600 families in Auckland. 


                       NZS is a ENZ Recognised Agency

                       NZS is a ENZ Recognised Agency

Depending on your nationality, you may not need a visa for stays up to three months. If you’re not sure, contact us to find out.

Ariane Meneut, managing director of the Education department, is an immigration adviser. For three months and more, we can assist you to obtain the visa required for your stay.


Get help choosing the right course and school 

The flexibility of New Zealand Services' system means that we can help you organize your made-to-measure curriculum. Whether you already know what you want to study, or you are just starting out, our team will help you find what is right for you. We start from your project and your wishes to guide you start to finish in the organisation of the whole project.

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